Thursday, December 13, 2007

What is The World Today?

No. I don't care who's gonna run for US of A President. Never be matter if they are Republican or Democrat and what they would do as if they like to become a President of Iraq. USA definitely not the world, nor does Malaysia
Now, I am defining the world. The world is Google helping everybody to find and to be found just about anything, including terrorist, CIA and you. Facebook challenges the regime on better framework of social interactivity, while Microsoft somehow lost. The world is platform.
Probably, TJ Murphy was only tell jokes when he say he's going to change the world with warbook. I almost convinced that the world is warbook and Google is universe.


zaM said...

salam kenal

puput said...

yah, agree. even one of them, barack obama, spent his childhood in Indonesia :D will he care about us?

rievees said...

bener banget mas :)