Sunday, January 20, 2013

Papuan are Indonesian

Despite of some West Papua independence movements existence in any part of the world, the fact of Papuan are Indonesian is undeniable. So many aspects we can use to indicate this. One is the fact of language that unite all Papuan tribes is Indonesian.
Of course the West Papua independence movements have their argument and I can spot one major flaw to their argument. It is their preference to adopt the discrimination policy to be implied whenever they achieved/granted their goal. Today, more than 50% of non native Papuan populates the island and they indentify themselves as Papuan. You know better that today everyone condemned racism.
Prof. Mahsun of Universitas Mataram says that Papuan genetic has more identical dna with Austronesian (Melayu) than any other family in the world. However some international activist provocate that Papuan is related to Afrikan. Fact is, even the Aborigin believe that their ancestor is Austronesian who came from Timor Island.

On the international context, the superpower already said it well..
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